50 years of world-class seating.

Stressless® has been providing the world’s most comfortable and functional chairs and recliners for 50 years, by Marina Roussel.

Stressless® founder Jens Ekornes had his heart set on creating something exceptional with his furniture design business. In an unspoiled farming town on the coast of Norway in the 1930s, he began developing innovations in bedsprings manufacturing. After traveling to the US to develop his knowledge, he returned home and continued to work on applying his ideas with a passionate team of designers. In 1966, Ekornes launched Norway’s first lounge furniture business. This led to the birth of the Stressless® brand in 1971.

The small business quickly made a big impact, becoming an industry leader in environmentally sustainable design and world-class seating and furniture products.
In 2021, with half a century of ground-breaking achievements behind it, the Stressless® name is synonymous around the world with beautiful, functional seating and clean lines - representing Scandinavian design at its best.

The company continues to make its chairs, recliners, sofas, and tables in the idyllic region of Norway, where Ekornes and his team launched the business two generations ago. It has set the highest standards in comfort, functionality, and sustainability.

Stressless® is proud to showcase two new designs in its 50th anniversary year - the Stressless® Sam and the Stressless® Scott Power Recliners, both featuring luxurious massage and heating functions. 

Sam Recliner Stella Sofa

The Stressless® Sam and Stressless® Scott are truly the chairs of the future. They combine traditional Stressless® features along with next-level technical advances and motorised functionality.

Environmental and clean energy credentials
Stressless® constantly strives to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible, a goal that is ingrained in each and every one of its manufacturing processes.

One hundred percent of the power used by Stressless® in its Norwegian factories comes from hydropower, a renewable energy source generated by running water.

The materials it uses are also sourced and processed with sustainable principles in mind. Wood and foam offcuts are repurposed, cleaning is done without releasing toxicants into the environment, recycled packaging is used and there are sustainable and upcycled upholstery fabrics to choose from.

Dining Daisy Sustainable Fabric

World’s first heating and massage Nordic Recliner
A true pioneer in more ways than one, Stressless® has long been a front-runner in furniture design and innovation. 

From robotics through to hands-on finishing touches, and with a raft of patented features, Stressless® craftsmanship offers the best of both cutting edge technology and human-centred design.

The company developed the world’s first heating and massage Nordic Recliner and the recent release of the Stressless® Sam and Scott recliners represents a culmination of its achievements in this furniture category.

Power-assisted technology at its best
Stressless® chairs, recliners, and sofas come with a huge number of unique features that allow for a customised experience tailored to your size, shape, and personal seating preferences. 

With flexible seats and backs, complete support is provided for your body as it moves, and each chair and recliner offers a variety of positions for increased comfort. There are contoured steel frames and extra support springs. Both the cleverly engineered glide system and the unique PlusSystem™ help you adjust the chair to your body weight and automatically provide ultimate support for your neck and back.

Exclusively endorsed by the Australian Chiropractors Association
Healthy posture is a priority for Stressless® and the company is proud of being the only seating brand endorsed by the Australian Chiropractors Association. Its range of ergonomic chairs provides an unparalleled level of support for your body whether you’re dining, working, relaxing, or taking a nap.

There are extra internal springs, weight and height adjustments, and the unique BalanceAdapt™ feature that helps provide a sense of weightlessness with its gentle rocking motion. So, when you purchase a Stressless® chair or recliner, you have the added assurance of knowing that you’re doing the right thing for your postural health.

Built to last with a lifetime product guarantee

As Stressless® celebrates its 50th anniversary, its staying power in business is mirrored by the longevity of its products.  Each and every chair and recliner is built to last and to keep providing comfort for a lifetime (and beyond).

The investment you make in purchasing a Stressless® product is backed by a 10-year product guarantee - something the company proudly stands by. With Stressless®, you are buying 50 years of craftsmanship and comfort that will last you a lifetime. The attention to detail is second to none - wood, metal, foam, and leather are brought together to create the most luxurious seating experience possible. 

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